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One frustration with the Android devices is the lack of management software for your computer to synchronize your media. Wouldn't it be nice if you could manage the music on your phone with iTunes or Windows Media Player? Organize your playlists and have them appear on your Phone just like on the iPod or Zune?

Some of today's tools will allow you to control the media on your Android device but they have different levels of support and different ways of handling things.

So what is available that will allow you to better control the synchronization of music, videos, etc. on your Android device?

The information used to create this article was taken from the authors web sites or feedback from AndroidSPIN users. None of these applications or solutions have been tested by us! Any problems encountered using any of these tools are not the responsibility of AndroidSPIN. We recommend reading as much information as possible before trying any of these solutions.

Manual File Copying
Of course you can always manually control the synchronization of media using just the file system of your computer and drag and drop file onto your Android device. This is fine if you’re a savvy computer user and know how navigate your file system and media folders. Many people still get confused and would prefer an easy interface to manage this. Additionally, it's difficult to control your album art work so it appears when you’re playing a music file or controlling playlists so you can play your heavy rock when you’re out for a run or just your classical collection when your relaxing in a chair.

iTunes is great tool for managing your music collection but it's written by apple and only supports the iPod and iPhone devices for synchronization as Apple expects every person in the world to own one of these devices. This means that support for Android or any other device is not provided out of the box. Fortunately there is at least one add-on that has been created to make iTunes sync your media with your Android device. This tool is called iTunes Agent and was written by Jaran Nilsen and Justin Katz. The tool is available for free under the General Public License (GPL). The tool is in no way supported or endorsed by Apple so you never know if the next release of iTunes will break the tool and stop it working.

iTunes Agent ( Windows Only

iTunes Agent is a tiny application which rests in your system tray, constantly looking for devices being connected to your system. If a device it recognizes is connected it enables you to manage it via a playlist in iTunes. You may even associate your player with a Smart Playlist, such as "Party Shuffle", and always have a new collection of tracks on your player!

When you are done modifying the list of tracks for your player you can synchronize it with two small mouse-clicks!

Winamp ( ) Windows Only
Winamp has support for USB devices. Any device that has a drive letter can synchronize with the music library within WinAMP. I searched through the WinAMP site for information about support for other media devices and I couldn’t find nothing about specific support for Android devices. The information I could find talks about support for almost any USB device. Android devices are USB devices and can be accessed using a drive letter fro your computer so should be supported. Additionally I could find nothing about support for album artwork.

Sync Your iPod® (or other portable player) with Winamp
You love Winamp and have an iPod® and don't think they will work together? Think again. Winamp 5.5 includes iPod® syncing support with album art view. To sync Winamp and your iPod® (or other portable media player) launch the Media Library and check out the 'Portables' tab. You should see your iPod® or other device (provided you've plugged it into your computer!)

Banshee ( ) Linux Only
Banshee is another application release under the GPL banner and supports full synchronization with your Android device. Banshee automatically handles album artwork as well.

The new HTC Android G1 phone (currently being offered by T-Mobile) is supported out of the box, including the ability to recognize and import music purchased from the Amazon MP3 store application on the G1. Cover art is also supported out of the box.

Songbird ( ) Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Intel
Songbird is another open-source music player that is fully customizable and works on all the major platforms available today. The interface is very similar to iTunes so will be very familiar to many people.

We're working on creating a non-proprietary, cross platform, extensible tool that will help enable new ways to playback, manage, and discover music. There are lots of ways to contribute your time to the project. We'd love your help!

There are several features we're proud of, but we'll be the first to admit that others need ironing out, are experimental, or are just plain missing. There's still a lot to do.

DoubleTwist ( ) Windows, MAC
From what I could gather, doubleTwist is a Windows and MAC program very similar in looks to iTunes that will synchronize your music collection with almost any device you attach to your computer.

Take it with you!
doubleTwist works with your phone, MP3 player, PSP, camera, and much more! Take your music, videos and other media wherever you go.

Is my device supported?
doubleTwist supports hundreds of devices, from the BlackBerry and G1 to the PSP.

G1 and Magic Android phones - automatically convert your videos and sync them to your Android phone; sync your iTunes playlists and photo library.

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