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Download Issues Resolved
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We've had a few teething problems with the download manager today. Everything should be corrected now and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any further issues, please drop an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


AdroidSPIN Admins


Android Music Management - Does it exist?
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Update: I've started a FAQ entitled "Media Synchronization" based on the feedback received form this article.  The full article can be found here.

iTunes LogoOne frustration with the Android devices is the lack of management software for your computer!
Wouldn't it be nice if you could manage the music on your phone with iTunes or Windows Media Player?

Has anybody written an application, driver or some form of module that allows you to Synchronize music with your Android phone?
If an application doesn't already exist, what would it take to write this?
Do we need an application written for the PC that works with current music tools to feed your Android phone?
Do we need an Android app the sucks the data from the PC? Is this even possible?
Or do we need both and Android and PC Application to work hand in hand?

What are your thoughts?  Any developers out there willing to give it a shot?


WOW! Are Those Android Phones?

The day came at last as I headed down to Libertyville, Illinois to visit a small and relatively new company called Commtiva.  Commtiva offers a number of cellular based services, products and solutions around the world, but I don't want to talk about that.

The reason I was invited down was because...drum roll please..... They design and build Android phones!

I will be writing more details later, but for now, here's a photograph of the phones I played with.  There's a couple of G1's and a MyTouch3G thrown in the pile for good measure.  It was a fun afternoon and there is some potentially awesome news for the Android ROM developers we are working with.  Trust me...!


Commtiva Android Phones


The phones are very cool with many different designs and styles and processors, etc. They even have a phone with solar panels on the back to top up the battery.  I cant wait to get samples and work with these guys some more.  Yes, deals are in the works..
Stay tuned.


Haykuro, Haykuro, Haykuro. MyTouch3G now open for root!
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MyTouch3G Triple PhotoHaykuro, Haykuro, Haykuro - He sits quietly in the background watching the progress of the Android OS and it's Modifications, enhancements and changes and then suddenly, without warning, he swoops from the skies to rescue the day.

A group of guys including, haykuro, dream_kill, and thanks to amon_ra, and jrborque have ben hard at work chipping away at the MyTouch3G's ROMs and memory and have finally manage to root the phone and install the Cyanogen MODs on it.

Haykuro has posted the full guide here if you want to find out more...


Rest in peace Palm Prē Android Theme
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It would appear that Palm has decided, in its infinite wisdom, to bring down its mighty hammer on leakdroid for the awesome "Palm Prē Android Theme" L3wish created.  They are a little concerned that the theme would be considered "sponsored by" or "Associated with" Palm.  They have asked that all traces of the "Palm Prē Android Theme" be removed from this universe and all associates universes immediately.

"While Palm appreciates that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, we are concerned that the use of the name “Palm Pre Android Theme” for your product is likely to cause people to erroneously assume that your application is sponsored, authorized or has been approved by Palm, or that you have, or your company has, a relationship with Palm. Creation of such consumer confusion would constitute an infringement of Palm’s well-established trademark rights."

Rest in peace "Palm Prē Android Theme" and good look on your next venture L3wish.
You can read the full letter from Palm here.


Developers: Please read this! Host your ROMs, Themes and everything else

We have formed a small group to put together the next version of AndroidSPIN and would like to get feedback and input from the development community.

A FREE central repository for the Android Community with FREE, Unlimited bandwidth File Hosting for Android related content.

Yes, We will be hosting ROMs and files for all Android phones not just the G1 / Dream as previously.

Read more...



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