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Rest in peace Palm Prē Android Theme
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It would appear that Palm has decided, in its infinite wisdom, to bring down its mighty hammer on leakdroid for the awesome "Palm Prē Android Theme" L3wish created.  They are a little concerned that the theme would be considered "sponsored by" or "Associated with" Palm.  They have asked that all traces of the "Palm Prē Android Theme" be removed from this universe and all associates universes immediately.

"While Palm appreciates that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, we are concerned that the use of the name “Palm Pre Android Theme” for your product is likely to cause people to erroneously assume that your application is sponsored, authorized or has been approved by Palm, or that you have, or your company has, a relationship with Palm. Creation of such consumer confusion would constitute an infringement of Palm’s well-established trademark rights."

Rest in peace "Palm Prē Android Theme" and good look on your next venture L3wish.
You can read the full letter from Palm here.

Comments (4)
  • t1h5ta3
    well... just remame it the post pree theme or some thing...
  • SimonNWalker
    Sounds like he's still in negotiation with Palm. Lets hope he gets something sorted. The theme is awesome.
  • Anonymous
    They didn't say you can't offer the theme. You just can't call it "Palm theme". Why don't you guys do what most people do and call it the pompree theme
  • Anonymous
    Handroid Theme
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