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WOW! Are Those Android Phones?
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The day came at last as I headed down to Libertyville, Illinois to visit a small and relatively new company called Commtiva.  Commtiva offers a number of cellular based services, products and solutions around the world, but I don't want to talk about that.

The reason I was invited down was because...drum roll please..... They design and build Android phones!

I will be writing more details later, but for now, here's a photograph of the phones I played with.  There's a couple of G1's and a MyTouch3G thrown in the pile for good measure.  It was a fun afternoon and there is some potentially awesome news for the Android ROM developers we are working with.  Trust me...!


Commtiva Android Phones


The phones are very cool with many different designs and styles and processors, etc. They even have a phone with solar panels on the back to top up the battery.  I cant wait to get samples and work with these guys some more.  Yes, deals are in the works..
Stay tuned.

Comments (3)
  • g1dragon
    thats awesome...

    im going to ask some (maybe basic) questions./


    can I replace the scroll wheel in my g1 (or any of em) especially if i can get it to light up ?

    can u get screens or glass (the used g1 i bought has a huge scratch...i did cover it w/a saver tho) ?

    are they selling any of those old devices, or are they proprietary and get destroyed after their use ?

    the solar panel seems nice..

    may i add...the "rolex" type "perpetual motion" to recharge too (since the g1 has a vibrator, it can recharge when it gets carried )..(Ohow come no one is doing this yet ?)

    i want to work on a lot of stuff (or make more $$)_...any more news would be helpful
  • daflameking
    Solar panels? Really? That would be awesome if we could get that someway for our original G1s. I still love mines even though many newer phones have released. Can't beat the original look and feel.
  • DanDroidOS
    I would love to play with all those phones! Just looking at them makes me wanna touch myself:)
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